Essential Tremor ET is a neurological condition that causes shaking of the hands, head and voice, but it can also cause the legs and trunk to shake. Some people even have a feeling of internal tremor. The tremor begins mild and progresses over time to become more severe – and in some patients severe enough to interfere significantly with daily activities, such as eating, dressing, writing, etc. Essential tremor is associated with movement while doing actions and is not present at rest.


The primary symptoms associated with essential tremor include:

Uncontrollable shaking that occurs for brief periods of time

Begins gradually, usually on one side of the body

Occursin the hands first, affecting one hand or both

Can include a shaking voice or thremor of the head

Nodding head

Worsening during periods of emotional stress purposeful movement

Balance problems (in rare cases)

Treatment Centres


Precision Brain, Spine & Pain in collaboration with Future Medical Imaging Group

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St. Vincent's Hospital

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